Instead of the fact that 72% people say that they prefer to be contacted via email but it doesn’t mean they will automatically open your email.


For that you definitely have to put in some meaningful efforts.


And so it becomes important to know the factors behind open rates


Let’s discuss why your email open rates are low:


Subject line

First thing first, your subject lines are the first and sometimes the only chance to grab your subscriber’s attention and interest.


And so it becomes really important to focus on writing eye-catching and attention grabbing subject lines.


If you are not focusing on designing your subject line there is a high chance that you lose the round without even being able to show your powerful cards.



Making attractive and catchy subject lines definitely doesn’t mean that they should trick people.


Your subject line should be short and simple but should include as much information about the content as possible.


Email content

Content is something which is at the center of email or for that matter every kind of marketing. 


It is the reason behind opting or subscribing to the email list.


People who subscribed to get your email or content look forward to it.


Your content definitely matters the most and decides your open and engagement rates.


And if they find your content is not relevant and value adding for them they will stop opening your email and in fact will unsubscribe from you.



You should always keep a check on the No. of email you are sending in a day, week or month.


It is probably the No. 1 reason behind decrease in open rates and unsubscribing from the list.


Some people might think they are providing valuable and high quality information to their audience and it’s completely fine to increase the frequency of email.


But the fact is as soon as the people start getting more of it they will start feeling overwhelmed with it.


Which actually makes them delay opening and reading your emails.


I am pretty sure about this.


In Fact I have done this myself.


As a marketer I was curious to know if it is only me or the others as well.


So I asked some of my friends and the people around  and guess what! The answer was exactly the same. 


Bombarding people with your emails will definitely cost you decreasing open rates and losing subscribers.



Not only you should know and understand how often you should send emails but also the timing when to send them.


The position of the email when the person opens his/her inox is also one of the factors that can affect your email open rates.


You should test the different timings and analyze your data to select the best suited timing.


 Email list quality

The quality of list determines the open and engagement rates.


Having 100 subscribers who are interested and engaged with what you have is far better than having 1000 subscribers who are not engaged.


So you should not try to trick people to opt in to your list.


Make the opt-in process transparent and let them know what actually you have for them.


When people decide to subscribe with a clear understanding of what they can expect from you then your open rates are more likely to increase and at the same time you will get less unsubscribe rates.


Email sending address 

Sender name is what people will look for before checking anything else and deciding to open it.


So it becomes a factor that could affect your open rates.


It is noticed that when emails are sent from a recognized email address they are more likely to be open.


And also people are more likely to open email from address like rather that


As I always say that emails are the best way to connect with your audience in a personalized way.


And it is not a good idea to leave the power underutilized, so just try every possible way to utilize it and get results out of it.


Now that you get the idea why your email open rates could be low, just try and test different things and increase your open rates.


Also I am curious to know if you got the reason behind what is making your email open rates low.


Just let me know in the comments!