Are you planning to generate leads and build your email list?


Or you have already tried doing that but you are not getting enough leads?


Well, if your goal is to generate leads and to 10x your lead generation process, then try these simple but power packed strategies.



And turn your visitors into your leads.



Before that let’s quickly have a look at what lead generation is and why it’s important to generate leads.


Lead generation is an extremely important part of growing business, as leads are basically your potential customers.


As they are the people who have shown interest in your business and have given permission to be contacted by you (your business).


When you have the contact details( mostly name and email Id or in some cases phone number)


and permission( as they themselves provides their contact details ) to be contacted then your marketing can really become fruitful,


as you can then nurture them and lead them to sales( buy your products or services) with their permission.


And, this is called natural sales, as you are not forcing someone to buy what you have to sell.


Instead you are building trust and relation first and then providing an offer to buy from you.


So, lead generation forms the essential part of marketing strategy.


Growing the number of leads, means growing the business.


Lead generation strategies are the tactics or ways to attract people to become your leads.



So, here are some strategies to boost your lead generation process:


1. Create a lot of lead magnets:



Lead magnet is something provided in exchange of the contact details of a person.


A lead magnet should be valuable or useful enough to the person to share his/her contact details in exchange for that .


You need a lead magnet to generate leads, pretty obvious, Right !


As, without providing something you can’t just ask people to give their contact details


so that you can sell them your product or services.


But do not stop just at one or two lead magnets.


One or two lead magnets are okay to start with, but eventually if you really want to grow the lead generation process then you should have a bunch of different lead magnets to attract people to your funnel.


You can create lead magnets according to the purpose and need of your business.



Here is the list of some lead magnets which you can provide to get the contact details :

  • E- book
  • Pdfs
  • Webinars
  • Free tools
  • Freemium tools
  • Checklist
  • Free Courses
  • Free consultation
  • Coupons
  • Templates


And whatever else you could think of, you can choose according to your business strategies.


2. Try A/B testing:


Keep on testing different landing pages and lead magnets.


Try out different designs, call to action, different page layout, colours, templates,etc on your landing pages and analyse the results to find out what’s working best in your case.


You may come across various things and strategies which will be tagged as tried and tested, but not everytime same thing will work for everyone,


So it is necessary to try and test different things and only then you would be able to find out what’s working best for you.


And here in lead generation strategies I am particularly talking about testing different things on your landing pages and also testing different lead magnets.


Keep note: While testing things you should make only one change at a time so that you could analyze the result of the change you have made.


3. Optimize Landing page : 


Landing page is where you send the person to opt in(share the details)  and so it becomes important to optimize your landing pages for conversion(in lead generation it is submitting contact details).


Landing pages should have clear and easy calls to action.


It should have the relevant information only, too much information can negatively impact your lead generation strategy.


If a person who came to your landing page gets distracted then you could probably lose a lead, which you definitely don’t want right!


There is already a lot of distraction out there, but great !


If you have got the attention of a person and got successful in landing a visitor to your landing page.


 Wait !


The task is not completed yet, as you have just got the visitor to your landing page, and it is not a surety at all that he/she will fill the contact details.


But you can increase the chances by optimizing your landing page.



So, have a simple landing page with relevant information and easy to understand with only one call to action and here in the lead generation it should only be submission of contact details to get the lead magnet.


4. Website optimization:



When it comes to digital marketing websites and blogs are the central platform for online presence.


Your website or blog is one of the best places to get leads.


You can simply add some features to optimize your website for converting your website visitor into a lead.


  • Adding a live chat bot popup is one of them, do not let your chat support sit on the side bars.
  • Add newsletter signup popup, visitors should have the ease of escaping, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make efforts to convert them into a lead.
  • Adding quizzes to your website is yet another way to convert website visitors into a lead.


5. Remarketing/ Retargeting:


Remarketing is basically reaching out to people who are already aware about you (your business).


Everyone who visits your website or landing page will not opt in and become your lead, in their first acquaintance, which is fine and obvious.


But as a marketer and lead generation strategist you can’t lose the chance of turning those visitors into your leads, as:


  • They are already aware of your business, and
  • You would also have made efforts to bring them to your landing page or website/blog.


So, there comes retargeting.


Obviously you can’t and you don’t have to force them to become your leads but, for sure you should try to reach out to them using retargeting.


Using retargeting you can try to bring those visitors back and opt in and become a lead for your business.


Not everyone will return back but, you have a high chance of getting high quality leads with retargeting, as those who already know about you or your business visits again and become your leads, it is definitely a high quality lead.


6. Ask for minimal information only:



People are reluctant to share their details as it is obvious due to privacy issues.


So, It becomes necessary that the information you are collecting should be the least.


Name and email Ids are the best way to ask for contact.


I would suggest until and unless it is really important for your business, do not ask for a phone number when you are collecting leads, until and unless it’s a high end product like buildings house or car or machinery, etc.



Once you start building trust with the leads you can ask for more information, like phone number, what they do, where they are from, etc.



But asking for much information in the first acquaintance can seriously harm your lead generation strategies.


Collecting information should be a process, not a task.


Go, step by step.


Think of yourself, would you be able to provide all your details to a stranger whom you just met?


No, Right!


You will introduce yourself with your name, not with your address or phone number.


So, remember this everytime you are working on your lead generation strategies.


7. Keep track of analytics :


Analyzing the effects of all the effort you do is the important part of any strategy.


People often complain about not getting enough leads?


If you will check and analyse your reports you will find what’s working and what not.


And based on that you would be able to make better strategies.


And here when we are discussing the lead generation strategies

you should go ahead and analyze things like:



  • The landing pages which are providing high conversion
  • Number of visitors coming to the landing page or website, but not getting converted .
  • Which lead magnet is getting more opt in.
  • Which CTA(call to action) is performing well.
  • Which sources are providing more traffic to your website.
  • Which ad is bringing in more and quality traffic to your landing pages.



And many more metrics like these.


You should keep an account of how the plans are working.


So, as to make better decisions and strategies.



B2C lead generation is not that big deal, you just need to keep few things in mind and strategize your lead generation process:


  • Add value to your audience life and turn them into your leads,
  • Optimize everything for your audience,
  • Test things to find what’s the right path for you, and
  • Do analyze the results to make your strategies more accurate.


I hope you liked these lead generation strategies!


Go ahead and set up your lead generation campaign, using these strategies.