With the evolution of various digital platforms, and the buzz of social media all around you must be thinking, is it a good idea to invest in email list building and marketing?


Is email marketing still worth it?


Well, without any doubt the answer is Yes.


You should definitely build the email list and focus on email marketing.

In fact you should use all the sources to build your own email list.


And to understand why it is so important to bring your audience to your list let’s have a  look into —-



7 reasons why you should start building your email list now



So, are you ready ?


Well then let’s start !



1. You own your list 


You may have a good number of followers on any social media platform like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and many more like that, but you don’t own those followers, as they are not your audience.


As, they are the audience of that particular platform, they have signed up and submitted their contact information to that particular platform. 


The people who opt in(subscribe) to your list  belong to you.


You can reach out to them directly without  worrying about any algorithm limiting you to reach your audience. 


Your email list is the asset (that you own) as people have given you their contact details and permission to receive emails from you.


2. Personalized conversation 


Email makes it possible to have personalized conversation, which is not possible at any other digital platform.


Whether you are writing a blog post or any social media post or uploading any video, you can’t personalize them for everyone.


Yes, you have the option to target a particular group or niche or some category, but with email you can highly personalize the communication with your audience.


As you can segment them(group) them on the basis of their interest.


Think of the email which has your name written on it, how do you feel about it?


Don’t you think it is just written for you ? 


Emails are not only personalized with the language, design or the content, but also with the method and place of deliverability.


As emails land into the inbox of your audience (customer or client) unlike the social media post which is on the public feed or timeline.


It is the direct contact between you and your audience.


 And even your audience feels connected as they can directly reach out to you personally in the privacy of the inbox, and also not everyone feels comfortable in discussing in the comments on any public platform.


So, with the emails you can make your audience feel connected, in both ways.



3. Higher reach 


Emails land directly in the user’s inbox. You don’t have to look for any algorithm (ranking system) which will decide your reach.


When we think about the reach, a particular platform can provide we should consider two things 


No. of people using that platform, and 

 Most importantly the  No. of people you could actually reach through that particular platform.


Let’s  discuss both of these to have clarity 


No. of people using different platforms:


When we hear the numbers like more than 2.6 billion active monthly users on Facebook and more than 1 billion active users on Instagram , it might be tempting to believe that social media is the best way to reach a larger audience,right!


But do you know what the  number of active  email account users is? 


It is more than 4 billion!


And it is going to increase over time.


Yes you heard it right. 


And nothing really shocking as, you know that ,anybody who is using the internet needs at least one active email account.


Either you are using any social media platform or installing any app, you first need to sign up with the email.


So, to be precise the fact is your audience or customers are using email. Make double sure that you’re also using it.


 No. of users you can actually reach using these platforms:


Facebook , Instagram with billions of users , allows you to reach only an average of 1% – 2% of your followers, it keeps on changing its algorithm and making it harder for you to reach your audience.


And same is with Twitter , your tweet can reach only a limited number of people.


Let’s suppose you have 1000 followers, then you can  reach 10 to 20 followers at a time and based on the activity and interaction by those followers your post or video will reach others.


Surprised ! but it is the truth, any social media platform can limit you to reach your own followers, as your followers are actually the users of that particular platform and they have full control over it.


And if we talk about the search engines, like google which is used by more than 90% internet users or 


the Youtube which is known as the world’s second largest search engine, they also keep on changing their algorithm and making it harder and harder to reach a wider audience.


With just one change in the algorithm your ranking and reach might get seriously affected.


Yes, for the fact it is also true that around 22% of the emails get lost in the spam or blocked by ISPs.


But you still have access to 78%  of the emails delivered right in the inbox of your audience, which is far greater than any social media platform.


That means out of your 1000 email subscribers you can reach around 780 people.


But with email you can reach all your subscribers without being worried about change in any algorithm.


Tomorrow if you lose  all your search engine  rankings or if any social media banned your account you can still reach and connect with your audience via email. 



4. Long term investment 


Investing in Email list building and nurturing is a long term investment, helps you to grow your business and build a brand.


There are many social media platforms which came in and went by, and it will keep on happening, people will move from one channel to the other,


but emails have been around and are actively used for a long time, both for professional and personal purposes.


So, it is definitely not a good idea to invest in these platforms, whose lifespan is not at all certain.


It is quite alright to use, experiment and take advantage from these channels  till the time you can but you can’t invest all your resources(time or money) in building your business(dream project) on these channels.


As, they are like the rented land, you can’t build your house on rented land, as  no doubt the owner of the land can restrict you and ask you to leave anytime. 


As mentioned earlier the people who gave you their emails are your assets, and investment is done in building assets, rented properties are used to help build those assets.


So, just like that you can use social media and other channels to build your email list, which is your  ultimate asset( your past, current or potential  customers/audience).


Even if your social media account gets restricted or  banned ( which has happened with a lot of people and they lost all their followers or audience, in which they have invested their time and money), or


With the change of algorithms  you lose your search engine rankings, you can still reach your audience with the email list you have.



As, the people on the list are those who have taken a step ahead to listen to you and get connected with you by giving their emails, and by nurturing (providing value) them you can build and take your brand to the heights.



I heard few entreprenures saying “money is in your list”  and when I started digging deep into this topic I found out that almost all the entreprenuers out there say that  one of their best investment decisions is to invest in  their email list building and nurturing.



Even some who did not focus on building the email list in the earlier stages of their business, admit that it was one of their biggest mistakes they had made.



5. Targeting and segmentation


Emails allow you to segment the audience on the basis of their interest, needs and how they interact with your brand and makes the targeting better. 


You can send different messages to different people based on how they are interacting with your emails.


For instance, you can send different emails to those who have opened your mails and to those who didn’t, or


A different set of emails to those who opened the emails sent by you but didn’t  perform any action you wanted them to do and to those who clicked on any link in the email,


And with that you can better target the audience and cater their needs in a much better way, which is not possible at any digital platform available.


Your social media post or status is the same for all your audience irrelevant of the fact how they are interacting with your post or status. 


Some might be liking it or some might be commenting, or even sharing it, but you can’t target them based on their activities or interaction with your post and status.


And this kind of targeting is not at all possible on any of the social media platforms.



6. Low cost high returns(ROI)


 The cost involved in marketing via email is least and the returns are far better than any other digital platform.


Studies have shown that for  every $1 spent on email  marketing it can generate on an average $42 , which means a crazy  4200%  ROI isn’t  amazing!


It is cost effective as  you don’t need a team or an expensive software to start, and


The reason behind such  a high ROI is the high conversion which is due to constant  nurturing and adding value in a personalized way. 


And also with the constant nurturing you are there to help your audience in their buying cycle(from awareness>interest> consideration> evaluation> purchase) and so to get more conversion.



7. Lifespan of  Emails 


Email reach is not limited by time. Emails remain in the inbox of the user,  and only the user can decide its lifespan. 


Your audience will decide whether to open and read it, or to delete it.


Even if your audience is busy with their work or enjoying their vacation, the emails will sit in the inbox of the user until acknowledged.


They are not the status update which is there and gone, or a post which has a lifespan of only a few hours or I would rather say a few minutes.



To conclude there are many  reasons to build your email list, but not a single reason why you shouldn’t  think and focus on building your email list.


It doesn’t at all mean that you should not use other platforms or social media, but use it in a way to build and grow your own assets.


So, if you haven’t started building your own email list yet, then start it now!



I hope you enjoyed listening to me, and got a fair idea on why you should be building your email list.



What do you think about building your own email list ?



I would  like to hear from you, so please share your thoughts.




Nikita Tomar