Are you thinking of writing a copy that can make the readers take the desired action?


If yes, then keep going!


We all have been either persuaded by someone or have persuaded someone with the words.


Copywriting is using words to create perception and persuade people to take action.


With practice and experience you will come across various patterns and formulas


But here I have put together 10 super easy copywriting hacks that you can use in your copy right after reading it.


Let’s see how you can make your copy to bring conversions.



1. Sell the benefits not the features


People are not interested in counting how many features you’re providing.


Instead they wanna know how it is going to benefit them.




2. Aware people about the problem, don’t sell the solution


Nobody would care about looking for an electric appliance with 5 star rating, 


until they know that it will efficiently reduce their electricity bill.




3. Write the copy for one reader


Don’t write for everyone.


Have your customer avatar in your mind and write for that particular person.


This makes every customer feel like you are particularly talking to him/her.



4. It’s a big NO to formal language


Avoid the formal and sophisticated words.


Remember how you tell or suggest something to your friends.



5. Sell the result not the process


People get interested in knowing the process only when they know the results.


Nobody wants to go to the gym.


But everyone wants to look and feel fit and healthy.


So first tell them the results and then educate them in the process.



6. Say what it is


Don’t oversell or under sell say what it is at best


Tell what your product or service can do for them and how it can help them.


Overselling will damage your brand loyalty.


And underselling will bring dissatisfaction to you.




7. Add scientific facts


It’s human nature, we love buying


But! We always justify the logic for buying.


And a fact the product we choose is scientifically backed,


It can be a one good reason to choose a product.


We love knowing that things we use are also backed by some research and facts.


Find out the research and surveys  around your products or services.


If none has been done yet then conduct your own research and survey.




8. Add statistics and exact numbers



Provide the exact numbers, truly what they are.


Like we have served 1,10,700……


7\10 people use this….


People trust you more when you have figures to show.


Note: Statistics you are showing must be the true and not the fake.




9. Tell What will happen if they don’t



Tell your customers about why they should immediately solve their problem.


Remind them what will happen if they don’t solve their problem now.


If you didn’t start _______  now this can happen….


If you don’t focus on your _______  problem it can  ……..


If you leave it ______ your goals will……..





10.Start a conversation by Joining the conversation



Like for instance you provide organic cosmetic solutions.


 You can either start the conversation saying something about 


 organic/natural products and their benefits or something…


Or you can join the conversation in their mind which can be like


Hey, is your skin getting dull because of the chemicals you have to put on your skin?




Hey, do you feel guilty everyday for putting chemicals on your skin?


When you talk about what your customers are already thinking, they will feel connected.


And even your cold audience will not be that cold.


As you are taking the conversation forward.


Without interrupting their thoughts.




“Attract people with what they want and give what they need”  


I believe copywriting is all about attracting people with what they want.


And your product or services would be what they actually need.


Next time when you write copy don’t forget to use these hacks.


and  also don’t forget to share hoe these hack worked for you!